DOT & Non-DOT Pre-Employment Screening

Too many employees go straight to the emergency room (ER), or take a full day off work while waiting in a doctors’ office – this means less productivity on the job & costing your business extra health care costs & other expenses, including time & resources related to the impact of their absence. What’s the alternative? Quality First is here for your employees’ occupational health care needs. We provide medical services to your employees 7 days a week, 365 days a year including nights & weekends. Contact us today for more information about our Occupational Health Programs. We offer affordable, tailored strategies based on your business & employee goals. More Details HERE

DOT & Non-DOT Pre-Employment, Periodical & Special Health Physicals; Prevention Services (related to acute or chronic issues); Workers’ Compensation; Drug & Alcohol Testing; Diagnostic and Screening Services; Routine Exposure Monitoring; Medical Care of Special Types of Workers; Random Testing; Post-Accident Evaluations; Return to Duty Checks; Health Education & Support; Medication Management…and more.